CPZ Update - October 2017

Extension of the Alexandra Palace Controlled Parking Zone

A consultation to extend the existing CPZ along Crescent Road and Dagmar Road is currently taking place

We understand the consultation closes in early November and a decision (based on resident feedback) will be made in early 2018




September 2016

Community Roadwatch finally got off the ground this month.

Community Roadwatch is a joint collaboration between the Police and local residents' across London. Streets which are prone to excessive speeding are put forward and a two-hour speed monitoring session is conducted. This comprises of PCSO's overseeing members of the public using a radar speed gun.

On Monday 19th September a session took place in Palace Gates Road to assess the speed of vehicles going up and down the road. Over a two hour period 28 vehicles were noted for going in excess of 26 mph (in the 20mph zone). Warning letters are sent out to drivers advising them that they have been identified exceeding the speed limit and if caught again a fixed penalty notice will be issued.


Every quarter the PGRA attends a 'Safer Neighbourhoods' meeting with representatives of our local Police. This is an information sharing forum where Residents' Associations and the public have the opportunity to hear about local policing issues and to voice any concerns and aspirations for the forthcoming quarter. 

It is always encouraging to hear that burglaries and car crime continue to fall in our area and despite cuts in resources the Police are tackling incidents of unsociable behaviour. 

However, the key issue that the PGRA are asked to address is safety and speeding traffic. At the recent meeting in February we reiterated again the need for greater enforcement to reduce speeding traffic in our main streets.

The Police agreed to undertake further speed check sessions and to embrace the issue of 'speeding traffic' as one of their promises for 2017


Ongoing Traffic Calming

The PGRA has been actively involved in striving to reduce the speed of traffic and improve the safety of our roads.

 Map of PGRA area

Map of PGRA area







Over the last 6 years PGRA representatives have met with Haringey Council Traffic Officers and have been successful in getting a number of Traffic Calming measures introduced. The key pillar of this is an HGV ban and a speed limit of 20mph throughout the Palace Gates area.

However, despite the introduction of various physical traffic calming measures , speeding and anti-social driving continues to be an issue on the main artery roads in our area.

A group of local residents' have therefore taken the initiative to maintain dialogue with Haringey Council and press for a more unified, strategic solution to speeding and safety in our streets

If you would like to get involved please contact:


 Lorry violating the HGV ban in Victoria Road

Lorry violating the HGV ban in Victoria Road



 Local residents' and the Police monitoring traffic in Palace Gates Road in 2015

Local residents' and the Police monitoring traffic in Palace Gates Road in 2015

 Community Roadwatch in Palace Gates Road

Community Roadwatch in Palace Gates Road

Whilst the sight of Police, uniformed officers and high visibility jackets naturally make cars slow down it does at least act as a warning to passing drivers that speed checks are in operation.