Summer 2018 - Extension of the Alexandra Palace Controlled Parking Zone

The CPZ has now been extended along Crescent Road and into Dagmar Road

A review of the CPZ was due to take place by Haringey Council but we understand that this is now not going to occur

Spring 2018

Community Roadwatch has been in operation for 3 years now

Community Roadwatch is a joint collaboration between the Police and local residents' across London. Streets which are prone to excessive speeding are put forward and a two-hour speed monitoring session is conducted. This comprises of PCSO's overseeing members of the public using a radar speed gun.

For the last several years the PGRA has stressed that traffic speeding in our area must be addressed. The Community Roadwatch scheme is used to act as a visible deterrent to speeding motorists – and those caught on camera exceeding the limit are sent a ‘warning’ letter

Every quarter the PGRA attends a 'Safer Neighbourhoods' meeting with representatives of our local Police. This is an information sharing forum where Residents' Associations and the public have the opportunity to hear about local policing issues and to voice any concerns and aspirations for the forthcoming quarter. 

It is always encouraging to hear that we live in a ‘relatively’ crime free neighbourhood ward. Latest crime statistics from our local Safer Neighbourhood Team (SNT) for the last 3 months are:

- 16 Burglaries.

- 20 Thefts of vehicles, mainly mopeds.

-26 Thefts from vehicles, mainly builders’ vans

Ongoing Traffic Calming

The PGRA has been actively involved in striving to reduce the speed of traffic and improve the safety of our roads. See the Campaigns page for latest developments

Map of PGRA area

Map of PGRA area








Local residents' and the Police monitoring traffic in Palace Gates Road in 2015

Local residents' and the Police monitoring traffic in Palace Gates Road in 2015

Community Roadwatch in Palace Gates Road

Community Roadwatch in Palace Gates Road

Whilst the sight of Police, uniformed officers and high visibility jackets naturally make cars slow down it does at least act as a warning to passing drivers that speed checks are in operation.