Food Co-op

packing up the orders

packing up the orders

Do you find the price of healthy and organic dry foods prohibitive?  Why not join our friendly neighbourhood food co-op, where you can buy dry foods and eco-cleaning products at wholesale prices.  We order each month from Infinity Foods, who supply many health shops in London.  Their large catalogue includes other brands as well as their own, so our purchases are very varied – ranging from Camargue red rice to champagne truffles! 

Buying from the food co-op is better for the environment than buying from a supermarket – many of the products are bought in bulk, and food miles are lower (no distribution centres).  Infinity also try to stock as wide a range of Fair Trade products as possible.

How the Food Co-op Works

Each month we meet to decide what we will order, and how it will be divided up (since individual members will not usually want to buy the whole 5kg or even 25kg! sack of rice, or 12-the tin pack of tomatoes!). Those who cannot get to the meeting can request items beforehand on the online order form.  Once the order has been drawn up, individual members or small groups then:

Selection of typical products

Selection of typical products

submit the order to Infinity

receive the delivery

divide it up and repackage in paper bags or bottles
where necessary

deliver to individual households 

If you would like to know more about the Food Co-op please contact Annabel Gregory at