The PGRA is currently involved with these campaigns:

November 2018 - Planning Application to build on Crescent Road Hardware store

We have been made aware of another planning application that has been submitted to build on the ‘Yard’ adjacent to Crescent Road Hardware store in Crescent Road. The plan is to build a flat with a ‘commercial unit’ on the ground floor. The full planning application is detailed below.

‘Dave’ is a stalwart of our community and there is every chance that if planning is approved we will lose a trusted and well used local business as there will be insufficient space for him to operate.

We have concerns over this planning, namely;

Vitality and Viability of the Shopping Parade

  • The yard is NOT vacant. It is an integral part of our beloved Hardware Store, used throughout the year

  • Construction of flats will lead to closure of this business

  • We already have 3 empty shop premises in the parade

Design & Access

  • The Yard acts as a natural buffer between the retail parade and neighbouring houses

  • The previous Planning Inspectorate’s report stated that the streetscape will be incongruous without this natural cushion

  • Entrance to rear of parade will be denied impeding safety and emergency access

  • Design is ripe for converting ground floor into another flat

Excessive Development in Ward

  • Recent development at Anderton Court and the proposed Crescent Mews flats impact enough

  • There is no strong social or economic benefit for removing a thriving local business in order to build one 3 person unit

Poor Track Record

  • Unfortunately, the ‘investors’ are the same development company who have constructed flats, of questionable quality, at the rear of other shops in Crescent Road

If you wish to object to this planning application then please go to

The reference number is HGY/2018/3155. Click on the SEARCH button

Click on the reference number. Then click on ‘Comment on Application’

Ensure your objection contains your name and address. Stick to facts and not hearsay

Write in your own words why you object to this planning


November 2018 - Better Streets

The Mayor of London’s Transport Strategy aims to reduce the number of car journeys, particularly those through residential streets, and to make streets more Healthy and Liveable. Funds are available through the Liveable Neighbourhood Scheme to secure benefits for local communities.

The PGRA has been active in the last year in trying to improve the situation in our area. We have participated in several Community Roadwatch sessions, to assist in enforcement of the 20mph speed limit. We have also attended the regular meetings of the Alexandra Ward Safer Neighbourhood Team and the Haringey Transport Forum.

In Spring 2018 we met with Haringey Traffic Officers to express our concerns about traffic speeds and volumes.

However, this has not resulted in any great progress. It has become clear that a different approach is required to try to gain traction in order to improve our neighbourhood in the area of traffic, speeding and overall ‘Better Streets’ - Better Streets is an ongoing initiative to improve our neighbourhood and mitigate against excessive traffic speed, anti-social driving, road safety and pollution.

As a consequence, a small group of PGRA members have been working to design a questionnaire to gather local support and behavioural data to take to Haringey Council as evidence that ‘change’ is both welcome and necessary. The questionnaire will be administered by residents and is designed to understand the concerns of as many local resident stakeholders as possible: it will not be designed to evaluate preferences for any particular scheme or solution.

In the recent AGM, Alessandra Rossetti, one of our new local Councillors, emphasised the importance of the questionnaire being led by local residents. The more people speak up the more likelihood that we will be listened to

More details to follow.

October 2018 - Crescent Mews Development

A Public Consultation Event was held in early July at St Paul’s Primary School, at which developers provided information about a proposed Planning Application for the construction of 35 residential units in Crescent Mews, designed to reflect the industrial character of the existing warehouses. Many concerns were expressed by local residents at that event, particularly regarding parking and traffic.

On October 24th updated proposals for this scheme were presented by the developers and architects at a Haringey Management Development Forum, held in the Civic Centre.

This Forum was attended by many local residents, who live close to the site, several PGRA members and also our local Councillors. The proposed development has been altered from 35 to 30 residential units.

It was confirmed that the residents in the development will not be eligible to apply for Parking Permits.

Many concerns were expressed about the volume of traffic movements through the two narrow access roads, both for construction vehicles and also for delivery vehicles following completion of the units.

Following discussion of a number of related points at the AGM, it was agreed that PGRA members should ensure that they submit appropriate objections, when the official Planning Application is lodged. Only in this way can we ameliorate the less desirable elements of the scheme, as it seems inevitable that a residential development of some sort will be approved in due course.

October 2018 - Pinkham Way

Following intensive campaigning by the Pinkham Way Alliance (PWA), local councillors and residents a few years ago the plans by the North London Waste Authority (NLWA) to develop a Mechanical and Biological Waste Plant ( MBT) at Pinkham Way on the North Circular Road near to our area were abandoned.

Meanwhile the site has been designated as a Site of Importance for Nature Conservation (SINC).

However, only a few weeks ago the NLWA submitted a new draft North London Waste Plan (NLWP) to Haringey, again including Pinkham Way as a site for potential development.

This draft plan was presented to Haringey’s Regulatory Committee for approval in October and happily the Committee voted in favour of removing Pinkham Way from the draft NLWP.

The next step is that the draft NLWP goes before Haringey’s full Cabinet on November 13th with the recommendation from the Regulatory Committee that the site is removed from the draft NLWP.

There will be pressure on Haringey’s Cabinet to ignore this recommendation.

The PWA are intending to organise a petition amongst local residents to insist that the Haringey Cabinet follows the advice to remove Pinkham Way from the draft NLWP.

View across Pinkham Way

View across Pinkham Way

pinkham way.jpg

Please go to for further on information how you can get involved.

The Pinkham Way Alliance are incredibly lucky to have talented experts in the community willing to put huge amounts of unpaid work into the campaign to save the site

But there are times when professional support is critical and all money raised goes toward professional planning advice to save the site for future generations

Donations can be made via PayPal at

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